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  • Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 20:16:13 -0500

    Re: the videos--I'm talking about watching them, like U-Tube and 
stuff people send me.
> Hi Beverly,
>     The most computer intensive thing you hav e listed here is likely to be 
> the pattern drafting and certain types of video processing.  When you say "a 
> few videos', are you talking about watching them, burning them, editing 
> them, or what?
> Peace,
> Gman
> http://www.bornagainamerican.org
> "The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask"
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> Subject: -=PCTechTalk=- Re: Windows 98/Vista
>> Gman,
>> Mostly, I do word processing, some dressmaking pattern drafting, some
>> photos (but not a lot), a few videos, internet browsing, basic games,
>> making greeting cards, burning CDs, watching DVDs and stuff like that.
>> I do take on-line courses and save all the lessons, too.
>> I'll appreciate any suggestions you make.
>> Beverly 

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