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    Once a default printer is gone, the default will move onto something 
else.  If you remove a non-default, anything still pointing to it will 
either jump over to the real default or ask you the next time you run that 
function.  It depends on the function's coding.

    Just for the record, I want to again mention that it was a non-MS app 
that put it on mine.  I'm only saying this to prevent you from too quickly 
assuming that it came from the MS utility you installed.           lol


"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask!"

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> As best I can guess it was the MS Office Compatibility Pack that we
> installed on her computer so she could view the files my sister sends her 
> in
> the "new and improved"  .docx file format.
> I'm tempted to uninstall the pack and tell my sister she needs to tell her
> Office 2007 to save documents in the traditional .doc format or don't 
> bother
> sending them.
> If I delete the XPS Document Writer as you suggest will that automatically
> stop Mom's system from defaulting to it every time she tries to use a
> non-xps or non-xml file.
> That compatibility pack will NOT be installed on my computers.
> Don 

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