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    Nearly any document writer type thing that appears in the Printers area 
can be traced back to another program that was added.  These non-printers 
allow you to send open files to your own hard drive in a different format. 
For example, if I open up an image of a page filled with graphics and text 
within OmniPage (an OCR program), I can then use the Document Writer printer 
it installed (it's got the same name as yours) to save the result in one of 
several formats.  I also have 3 more of those that all create PDF files. 
I'm not having the same trouble printing an image as you've described here 
and I have no idea if using it affected her originals.  Right click on an 
Image file and see if it offers a "Print using ..." option.  If it does, 
that process may offer an option to reset the default to what she wants.

    Before you get rid of it completely, you really should figure out what 
other app installed it (just in case it's needed for that app).  MS 
developed the utility, but it most likely was installed by someone else's 
program.  To remove the driver, just right click on its entry in the 
Printers folder and select Delete.


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> why is it on my Mom's computer?  Can it be deleted?  It is not in the 
> Add/Remove list.
> Office 2007 uses a new file extension... 4 letters ending in an "x".  My 
> sister kept sending files that could not be opened until the MS Office 
> Compatibility Pack was installed.   I now suspect the "x" indicates the 
> file is an XPS file format.
> When I right click on a JPG file and select print, I am presented with a 
> "save" dialog box that prompts me to save the JPG as an XPS file.... 
> rain.jpg becomes rain.xps.
> I do not want to write as an XPS file I want to print!!!!
> The document writer is listed in the Fax and Printer folder on the control 
> panel.  It does not have any drivers installed.
> I made sure the printer was set to default but still the "save" dialog box 
> opens.
> If I right click the jpg and select Open with and select Either MS Office 
> Photo Editor or the Windows Fax and Picture viewer, then select File, 
> Print the document writer is the default printer.  I can change that and 
> the picture prints OK.
> How do I get rid of the Document Writer?  Is it safe to do so?  Will I 
> regret it later?  Why does M$ cram this crap down our throats?
> Mom now has several pictures in the picture.XPS file format.  Did the 
> writer convert the JPG or just create a new file in the XPS format?  If 
> she deletes the XPS versions will she regret it later?
> Don 

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