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    I have been going through a bunch of shareware and freeware offerings 
that I had on CDs that came with different PC mags and such and one of the 
offerings I saw last night was for a site creation app that might be perfect 
for what you're looking to do.  For one thing, it uses templates and the 
rest of the description sounded very similar to what you would get with an 
online site like Earthlink's.  I'll have to find it again, but that 
shouldn't be much trouble.  I'll send in the particulars once I locate it.

"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask!"

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> I'm here. I'm not dead in the water, but slowly picking my
> way.
> The easy part: The file is backed up to a stick AND your
> email is, as well  :)
> Next: I do understand the "middle man" in web hosting,
> as you explained it.  I'll be working on finding one. I
> could not possibly host from this aging machine in front
> of me  ;)  Maybe my ISP plan includes web hosting - I
> have to ask them. I don't get billed since this is a trade
> for tower space, and I can't remember more than five
> years of free internet.. is it called wi-fi.. I think? Maybe.
> I have all my images. Earthlink (Trellix) did not provide
> anything that I used, just the templates, and I didn't like the
> restrictions of them.
> My site is small, simple and *very* non-commercial.
> I do not have Frontpage. Yesterday and today I have found
> and downloaded a couple of programs that may or may not
> be similar. Alleycode and Nvu. I opened the both and felt
> vaguely faint  ;)  I'm as bad as a man when it comes to
> reading instructions  :D   But will get to it.
> About learning HTML from scratch: Yes, I could do that,
> and I'm familiar with seeing it. My downfall is bad typing.
> My pride, and current lack of money (and having no real
> *need* for a web site) prohibits me from giving this project
> away to a pro - and I do like learning new things.
> So, in closing - for now.. - I just have to get into the soft-
> ware and see if it's what I think it is. Then I'll get back here
> with what I learned and what I did not yet.  Thank you so
> much for hanging in there with me!
>    Anitra in Pioneertown, California 

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