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Be sure you are selecting the WinXP help and support option and NOT the 
proprietary help and support from your computer manufacturer (such as DELL 

It is the second item listed in the tasks.   The item reads exactly like 
this:  Change the size of the virtual  memory paging file.

Click on the task to make the topic appear in the right hand window pane.

If you do not get this then...
1.  You are not using Win XP
2. You are not typing in the correct search term or you are typing it in the 
wrong place
3. You do not have all of your help files installed
4. You are using a computer brand that changed help and support to make it 

I can think of no other reason for you to not get the same results as I do.


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> is there another way to reach this besides help and support?--I don't come
> up with ANYTHING that says changing anything to do with virtual
> memory...it's all very generic...
> ML

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