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My personal preference is to have all OS drives take letter before data 
drives.  In other words:

Disk 0 drive 0   Booted OS C:
Disk 0 drive 1   Other OS D:
Disk 1 Data E:

Not counting odd glitches where an OS has to be added to an already existing 
multi-drive letter setup, the way to achieve my preference is to partition & 
format the main OS drive first (not add a partition during the second OS 
install).  Then, install the first OS, install the second OS and then start 
pointing them to sections of various separate data volumes.

One key here is that the partitions are already created and recognized 
before I start installing the first OS.  If that prerequisite is not met, 
the first OS will automatically consider the Data volume as D:.  You can 
still get around it as long as nothing points tot he Data drive after the 
second OS install, but that's more work than I care to add to the process.

Since your XP install believes it's on the E: drive, something very odd 
happened there.  It is likely related to an XP reinstall attempt (maybe from 
within Vista?) where the other drive letters were already taken.  But the 
history of this setup we're discussing has undergone too many issues for me 
to keep up with what happened when.    ;)



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>I swapped the data cables around.  In Windows Explorer:
> Booted to XP:         C: = Data  D: = Vista  E: = XP
> Booted to Vista:     C: = Vista  D: = Data  G: = XP
> With 2 physical disks and one (disk 0) partitioned to 2 drives what 
> *should*
> drive letters look like?  IIRC it should be:
> Disk 0 drive 0   Booted OS C:
> Disk 1 Data D:
> Disk 0 drive 1   Other OS E:
> Other disks/drives such as DVD burner, Flash drives, external drives are
> irrelevant to this question but I think they come in order attached or in
> order that the OS sees them.
> Both XP and Vista partitions are "Primary" partitions.
> Don 

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