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    Linda moved on a while back when her own group demanded more of her 
time.  Some of the others are, for one reason or another, no longer members 
but we leave up their pics to show that they're always welcome back.  I have 
tried to get in touch with some of them, only to discovere that their addy 
is no longer valid.       :O(

    I really love the idea of adding that postscript to Neil & NS's pics. 
Thank you for suggesting it.


"The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked!"

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> That was cute (The Chicken), the picture of Babydoll and Snookums was 
> wonderful I love cats as well. You look like a rock star GMan :-) and Sir 
> Troth you COULD be a Marine, you look so tough to have such a sweet heart 
> Hun. Master Netlord is the only one that looks like a technical 
> expert.....LOL but all of you are.
>  Can I make one simple suggestion though? I noticed that Neil & Nightsneak 
> are both listed, I remember hearing she passed away too, shouldn't we put 
> in memory of under their picture? Also why so many members in the photo 
> area that never post? Linda of Linda's computer shop I am surprised you 
> have not jumped in here Hun. 

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