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Hi Folks,
    Because of this thread, I just installed my copy of Ad-Aware Pro version 
1.06r1 to test its updating function.  It took 5 tries, but it finally 
updated to the latest definitions which were released today.  I have it 
running right now just to see if it finds anything on my main system.

    I can only imagine that some of you were getting similar problems and 
giving up after the first try or three.  My last attempt (the one that 
finally worked) may have been influenced by the fact that I went into my 
Temp folder and manually deleted the temporary folder that the update 
function had been using for the previous attempts, but I doubt it.  Still, I 
felt I should share this experience with you in case you still wanted to use 
the program.

"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask!"

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> ML, I just uninstalled AdAware as it is no longer updating definitions on
> the older version and I don't hear much good about the newest version, 
> free
> or purchased.
> I am still running SpyBot and maybe that is futile!
> Sandi 

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