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Ed, I have been "playing"!  I did the CMD thing and a box came up titled 
C:Windows\system32\CMD/exe and below that was C:\Documents and Setting\My 
name> then a blinking--.
This was new territory for me and my thinking was that it was targeting the 
C drive and that was not my problem.  So I canceled that and went to each 
drive in My Computer and ran CHKDSK on first the F drive and the the C drive 
and checked the box to fix any errors.  The scan for F drive went quickly 
and I was able to read "found no problems".  The scan of the C drive took 
longer of course and after it finished with step 3 it went really fast and I 
could not read the results.  However I restarted my computer once more after 
running CleanUp (just because I had not done that for a long time).  My 
computer started up without insisting on running a scan of the F drive.  So 
I guess that problem is solved!  I did notice that I probably would have 
gotten the same results if I had gone ahead and entered "chkntfs f" as you 
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> So, was it around the same time that Gman changed those settings that you
> noticed those folders?  There should be a lot more folders and files 
> visible
> now that you never saw before, especially in the user areas.
> Well anyway, did you get the Drive F scan to stop?  If not, does it say
> anywhere that the drive is "dirty"?  This happens sometimes when Windows
> thinks there could be a problem with the drive (like when Windows was not
> shut down properly or something).  I think the problem is that sometimes
> chkdsk does not clear the flag unless it fixes something, so this is a
> problem if chkdsk does not find something to fix.  If you can't read the
> scan text before it gets cleared, then the best way to be sure is to click
> Start, then Run, type CMD and hit Enter, then in the Command prompt that
> opens up, type "chkntfs f:" (without the quotes).  If that says the drive 
> is
> dirty, then there are ways to force it off (if you are sure the scans show
> no problem with the drive).
> Ed

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