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  • Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 11:28:28 -0400

Ummmmmmmm   I don't know, But I'll try to check it.  This answer I'm typing 
right now is being created at 11:28 EST.  Lets see what happens.

  Regards from the
"Keyboard Cowboy",

   Master NetLord
   Cincinnati, Ohio
Scottsdale, Arizona
11:27:34 AM

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On Sun, 28 Jul 2002 09:24:16 -0400, Linda F. Johnson wrote:
>Speaking of your signature, MN.....I'm wondering why it shows that
>you sent your email at 2:59AM but yet, as you can see, the header
>shows it was sent at 3:10AM...is that time in your signature created
>when you BEGIN creating the email, as opposed to the one in the
>header which is made when you actually send it?
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>-=3DPCTechTalk=3D- Random Signature File
>I got a chance to set up my random signature file tonight.   Since
>I'd had so much trouble last time, I decided to try a new program
>someone posted recently.  The program is called "random Tagline
>Manager" and can be found at:
>The program GUI is well written, but after trying it out and
>speaking to the programmer, I cannot recommend it.  The reason is
>that it will not truly "randomize" the taglines.  To get it to work,
>you have to manually change it, or set it to change automatically in
>one hour increments.
>I think one hour increments is much to large a time segment.
>I decided to try using my old program called Sigman from:
>This time, instead of modifying the signature files in Poco, I
>simply changed the directory path to Sigman.....dang!  Works really
>Additionally, it can be set to randomly change the signature every
>second so each new E-Mail I send has a new signature file.   Bottom
>line, now that I know how it works, it really is a well written
>program and quite powerful.   It now has the coveted "Master NetLord
>Seal of Approval"  <G>=20
>Regards from the "Keyboard Cowboy",
>Master NetLord ,,,,,,,, =D4=BF=D4=AC Cincinnati, Ohio Scottsdale,
>Arizona =AB:=BB=A4=AB:=BB=A4=A4=A4=AB:=BB=A4=AB:=BB Sunday
>07/28/2002 2:59:32 AM =AB:=BB=A4=AB:=BB=A4=A4=A4=AB:=BB=A4=AB:=BB
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