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    In the beginning, you were looking through the menu for Internet 
Explorer rather than Windows Explorer.  There is no reason at all that 
unchecking that box could move or delete the Profiles folder, so something 
else happened there.  Click directly on your Recycle Bin and see if it 
somehow got deleted.  If you find it in there, right click on it and select 
Restore from the menu.


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> Hi,
> Again, we run into a roadblock right at the beginning.  I could not find
> Folder Options under any of the menu items in Windows Explorer.  I'm
> running version 6.---, if that helps.  I did find Internet Options under
> the Tools menu, but there was nothing there that was on your list of
> items to check or uncheck.  I did find a Folders Options in my Exploring
> menu.  There "Hide known filetype extensions" was checked.  I unchecked
> that one.  also "Show all files and folders" was already checked.  I
> could not find "Hide protected operating system files" there.  And now
> Profiles is missing under Application Data/Mozilla!  It says it has
> either been moved or deleted!  Ugh!
> Thanks.
> Beverly 

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