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Welcome back, Beverly.  I hope your trip went well.       :O)

These images actually do show a couple of things that may be holding us up. 
The first thing I noticed is that the Firefox folder appears to be not 
showing the extensions used by the two files shown (pluginreg.dat & 
profiles.ini are their full names).  That means that at least one of the 
options for letting you see everything is not set correctly within Windows. 
That has me thinking that it's very possible that one or more of the files 
we needed to move originally never moved because they couldn't even be seen. 
So, to make sure we're able to move around the files that need to be moved, 
here are the instructions for telling Windows to let you see (and work with) 
everything there is to be seen.  I have not run Win98 for a while, so I am 
limited to providing the basics.  As a result, you may come across wording 
that is slightly different, but carries the same meaning as what is shown 
below.  If you have any questions about any of it, let me know before you 
make the changes and I'll explain how to proceed.

With Windows Explorer open, go to Tools and then Folder Options.  If Tools 
is not a menu item, look through the rest for the Folder Options item.  Once 
Folder Options has opened, click on the View tab and look through the 
scrollable list for the following.

"Show all files and folders" - This one should be checked
"Hide known filetype extensions" - This should be unchecked
"Hide protected operating system files" - This should be unchecked

When all three are set as above, click the OK button at the bottom to make 
the changes and get back to Windows Explorer.  If you now see any new files 
within these two areas (the screenshots you sent me), let me know their 
names and we'll proceed from there.  My strong suspicion is that Firefox 
needs a file that it cannot find because the file is not where it's expected 
to be.


"The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked"

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> Hi Guitar Man,
> I'm back!
> I believe I did as you requested.  Things seemed to go as you described
> in redoing the Profile section.  However, I was still unable to open
> Firefox.  I included the screenshot of the error message I got--the same
> as before--in my uploads to your computer along with the other two
> screenshots you requested.  Hope this gives some useful info.
> Thanks.
> Beverly 

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