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  • From: Beverly Hahn <bhahn@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pctechtalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 17:57:56 -0400

Hi Guitar Man,

I've uploaded the two locations you listed below to your drive as you 
instructed.  You mentioned three locations, but I didn't see what you 
wanted for the third one.  I hope this helps.  It seems the more I try 
to follow your instructions, the more things no longer work in my 
computer--probably just a coincidence.

Thanks for all your time and help.
> I sure wish there was an easier way to see what's on your hard drive from 
> here, but it looks like screenshots are going to be our only hope.
> There are three locations I need to see in order to figure out why you're 
> getting this error and to guide me to how we should proceed further.  What I 
> need to see is the folder selected in the left pane and the contents of the 
> folder showing in the right pane.  The first, and possibly most important 
> location is shown below, although that last folder name will change with 
> each Firefox installation.
> C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application 
> Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\2gts6hn8.default
> The second location is below and the same idea applies (selected in the left 
> pane and showing contents in the right).
> C:\Program Files\Firefox
> I suspect something happened when trying to back up and copy the old profile 
> to the new install and these two images should allow me to hone in on the 
> problem.
> The group is still set to not allow attachments, so you can either send them 
> to me privately, or you can use my server to upload them directly to my 
> drive.  The link below will provide access to the server where you'll find 
> an Upload button in the upper, right hand corner.
> Peace,
> G

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