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Thanks to all who responded.  I had thought about it just being the
electronics but wasn't sure it was even possible for this to happen.  I hope
this is what happened.  It was working fine and then when the surge came it
left me.  I will try this method first.  It took my air conditioner also so
am having to fool with trying to get another one installed and play with the
insurance company with it...

If this doesn't work, I will be back for more drastic instruction...thanks.
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> Hi Ann,
>     There's a possibility that the surge took out the external's
> electronics, but left the hard drive intact.  The first thing I would do
> to install the drive elsewhere and see how it responds.  You may find that
> everything is still intact and it's just the enclosure that's 'toast'.  If
> it turns out that the drive isn't behaving normally, we can then follow
> through with other, more drastic, recovery options.
> Peace,
> G

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