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Hi G!  I see you are on duty this morning on a slow e-mail day.  I played 
hooky from Church this morning--just low energy and pampering myself.
So top o' the morning to you and anyone else who shows up.  Off to make some 
lunch now.
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> Once installed, use the context menu in Explorer to select the first file
> with "Compare to" (I always make a copy of the known 'good' one and then
> work with that instead of the original) and then select the file you wish 
> to
> compare to it with "Compare".  The app will then open up with both files
> loaded side by side.  Selecting the known good file first will always 
> place
> it in the left column of the app.  I found that consistently approaching 
> it
> this way (original on the left) helped me keep the two of them straight
> during longer sessions.  This way, I could just focus solely on the right
> side with my line/block shuffling.
> Depending on the type of data contained within the files I worked, I 
> usually
> set up mine to treat blocks of data (the number of lines in a block of 
> info
> varied) as a single unit.  It helped when selecting and moving blocks 
> around
> to match them up with the original.  Selecting lines or blocks is standard
> fare (Shift + Arrow keys) and selected items will move easily by holding
> down the left mouse button and dragging them to the new location.  I found
> it even easier to just Select, cut & then paste to the new location.
> More than likely, you really didn't need any of these tips.  Still, I
> figured I'd toss them out there for anyone who might decide to give the 
> app
> a spin around the block.    :)
> Peace,
> Gman
> http://www.bornagainamerican.org
> "The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask"

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