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I had the same error with Partion Magic 8.0 but using a Maxtor drive. I
tried many time to resolve the errors then resorted to booting to the
drive and using XP partion utility to adjust the drive as I needed. Once
partioned I aborted the installation of XP. I lost a lot of data this
way but luckily had backups.

I have never had good luck with partion magic, ever,


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Has anyone had problems with this software and Western Digital drives?
keep getting an error 1513 whenever I try to resize or create a new
partition from other partitions.  I've emailed tech support, but thought
maybe someone here has run into it.  I did the chkdsk /f, but no go.  I
used the Western Digital drive diagnostics and there aren't any
The drive isn't old and hasn't ever had any problems.  Here's what the
manual said and I followed the steps and am awaiting a reply.

#1513 Bad attribute position in file record
This error can often be resolved by running CHKDSK /F on the affected
instructions on running CHKDSK, see PowerQuest Solution How to Run
Microsoft CHKDSK from the Command Line.
If running CHKDSK /F does not help, please send the following items to
PowerQuest Technical Support:


Hope no one minds if I cross post this.

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