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I actually took your idea of a batch file and combined it with what I 
learned (or think I learned) from the MSDN site.  That site did not even 
suggest useing batch files.  Neither did it say you couldn't.  I started 
with the actual autorun.inf from my RoboForm folder and edited it as needed 
and in accord with what I wanted.

I did the batch file the way it was because I was feeling too lazy to verify 
the correct executable file names.

The intentional response to the blankety-blank blank line is appreciated.


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> This is part 2.  The rest of my reply is in the next installmant, although 
> I
> would love to not be the only one replying to these types of questions. 
> (in
> other words, where are all of the other knowledgeable folks hiding these
> days??)      lol
> Peace,
> G
> "The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked"
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> 3. So an autorun to launch two applications might look like this:
> [AutoRun]
> open=portableapps.bat
> action=LaunchPortableApps
> icon=any icon
> label=PortableApps
>    Ah, you (or wherever you're getting these sample file contents) are now
> taking this into what I suggested in my previous reply about using a .bat
> file instead of an .exe.  That's good because it really opens up the flood
> gates as to what you can do with a simple Autorun file and a bit of
> imagination.
> 4. And the portableapps.bat would like this:
> echo off
> roboform executable
> aSuite executable
> exit
>    I would prefer to actually see an executable file's name in place of
> these (for those who are just learning about this stuff for the first 
> time),
> but this does describe the idea well for those who understand the
> difference.  For anyone trying to make heads or tails out of this, you 
> would
> actually see something like "roboform.exe" as the second line above and
> perhaps "aSuite.exe -s" as the third.  the first and fourth lines would 
> look
> exactly as they appear above.  Also note that I arbitrarily added that 
> '-s'
> switch at the end of the aSuite example just to show that switches can be
> used within batch (.bat) files.  I have no idea if that is an actual 
> switch
> that would be recognized by the aSuite.exe file.  Finally, I also have to
> add that these two executable files must be within the same folder as the
> .bat file for this to work.        :O)
> 5. This paragraph was left blank accidently
>    This comment on the blank paragraph has been filled in on purpose.

Please remember to trim your replies (including this sentence and everything 
below it) and adjust the subject line as necessary.

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