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Jo Ann,
    We had DSL at the last two places we lived and quickly got used to the 
better speeds.  Unfortunately, the closest CO (Central Office - which is 
nothing more than a switching station) to here is just about 4 miles away, 
but you have to be within 3 miles of a CO to get it.  When asked about it, 
I'm told there's little to no chance that they'll ever install one closer. 
Their reasons are something along the lines of corn fields not really 
needing access.  Apparently, there aren't enough homes in our area to 
support the costs of building one and I'm pretty sure they'd frown on any 
attempt by me to run my own 4 mile line with a signal booster.     :O(


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> GMan,
> No possibility of DSL?  After having dial-up for seven years(ever since
> I got my first computer) I think I'm flying :)
> Jo Ann 

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