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No possibility of DSL?  After having dial-up for seven years(ever since 
I got my first computer) I think I'm flying :)

Jo Ann

GMan wrote:
> But since I'm stuck with a dial-up account for the forseeable future, I need 
> the CD version if I want to give the apps, updates and such a spin.  Yes, I 
> could just download what interests me, but it would still take nearly the 
> entire month to get them (most things they recommend tend to interest me) 
> and I have too many other things I'd rather download over that time. 
> :O)
> Peace,
> GMan
> "The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked!"
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>> Well... the "with CD" version will cost you at least double the price, 
>> using the regular NON-special rates. A regular subscription price for 
>> MaximumPC is $12. With the CD, its $24. I have not been able to find any 
>> special deals on the subscription WITH the CD. Reason for that is that its 
>> harder to do a Google search with the right terms. For the NON-CD version, 
>> I usually do a search for something like "MaximumPC $2", and then look 
>> through the results. If nothing, I'll move on to "MaximumPC $3", then 
>> "MaximumPC $4", and keep going till about "MaximumPC $5". Over that, I'll 
>> just wait a few weeks and try again. So far, have not been unsuccessful in 
>> finding a deal. The lowest I've paid in subscription is $2.98 per year. 
>> But... the CD version is harder to search. I just tried now, and the deals 
>> just point to NON-CD.
>> Now... my opinion on the CD is not a good one. For me, cost is most 
>> important. If I see something I like in the magazine, I can just look it 
>> up myself and download it. All the CD gives you is stuff that is readily 
>> available to NON-CD owners via downloads and surfing. I rather save, and 
>> download just the stuff I want.
>> If I see any WITH-CD deals, I will most certainly post it here.
>> ======================================
>> = SirTroth 

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