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Jo Ann,
    For those just starting out, I highly recommend a good teacher first.A 
teacher will be able to guide you through all of the confusion and chaos 
surrounding all that can be learned about music and the instrument of choice 
(guitar in this case).  Without someone there to tell you what to focus on, 
it becomes SO easy to get lost in it all (should I learn chords first or 
maybe scales or perhaps single note melodies or how about the locations of 
the notes on the guitar's neck or ...).  A teacher will make it much easier 
for you to get down the basics in an order that makes sense.  Once you get 
comfy with the basics (and you'll recognize it when you get there), start 
buying up some song books and enjoy that porch more than you ever thought 
possible.            :O)

    Besides, as long as you keep in touch with me, you can always get a 
second opinion on anything you're asked to work on by the teacher.  As a 
music teacher, I already have specific approaches designed for what's needed 
for achieving different musical goals.


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> GMan,
> I've bought a used acoustical guitar and would like to learn to
> play, just good enough to play for myself. Sit on the porch and
> strum, you know ( we don't have any neighbors close enough to
> complain ) Could you recommend any online sites where I might
> learn the basics, or should I take lessons from somebody local?
> Starting from scratch here, barely know how to hold the thing.
> Jo Ann 

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