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Since I am overly talented in over-stating the obvious... I will say......

Taste is in the mouth of the beholder... ha ha!

Typically the coarse salts... Sea/Kosher salts seem to bring out the flavor 
or foods better.  I think these two are very very similar.  Unless you are a 
connoisseur, you would probably not be able to tell much, if any,difference.
And..they usually have the trace minerals which is usually absent in 
processed/regular salt.

That is my two cents worth..and am you might be overpaying for even that 
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> Best for eating? As in tastes better or more like salt or what. Not sure 
> what
> you mean
> Cindy
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>> ok thanks... now --which one is best for eating as if you werent eating
>> salt..Kosher or Sea Salt?..

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