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Usually, new computers come with a suite from norton... such as the Internet 
Security Suite which includes a firewall, the AV program, anti spam and 
probably more stuff.

Check to be sure that all of your internet security settings in IE and OE 
are set properly and also check the firewall to be sure it is set to either 
auto approve or prompt for approval when using OE or IE.

If Norton does include a firewall and it is turned on, be sure that the XP 
firewall is disabled.


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> Hi all,
> A few days ago I updated the Norton AV that came bundled on my new pc 
> (XP-Home SP2). I have been a PC-cillin customer from way back...Version 2, 
> but thought since Norton's was already installed that I would give it a 
> try.
> Then, since I was in an updating mood, I also used the Windows Update 
> function.
> After those updates, I could ONLY send or receive mail from my hotmail 
> account. Not knowing which update was the culprit, I used the "restore" 
> and after that, I could send and receive email from all accounts. I used 
> "Windows Update" again and all was well with the email.
> The next day I used the "Update Live" in Norton's and once again after the 
> update, I could no longer send or receive except through hotmail. I went 
> to the Norton's site and looked for a solution or a contact addy. After 
> spending much longer time than I expected, I found no direct solution to 
> this problem.
> I am therefore, unsure if my pattern files are up to date...so my question 
> is this: Has anyone else had this problem recently and if so, is there a 
> solution? I would have liked to be able to email Norton's and ask their 
> advice, but couldn't drill down to the nitty-gritty on their web site. I 
> must be missing a lot here.
> And it seems strange to me that it didn't affect my hotmail accounts. 
> Wonder why...

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