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  • Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 17:02:56 -0600

Ohmygosh!!!  Do I have to pass a test before I can get the fix????  I guess 
you are saying the zipped file contains one of my cards but apparently one I 
had not labeled.  I don't know why I would not have put a name on it unless 
I was thinking I might save the card for future use.  And something has 
decided to play with my mind by scrambling all these files!  Do I pass?  Now 
how do I fix it????
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> Sandi,
>    Well, not only did you fully succeed in zipping up the file and sending
> it to me, my magnifying glass tells me that the file inside is still 
> intact.
> In other words, it will not take too much effort to return it back to what
> it's supposed to be.  I expect that news will make you a rather Happy
> Camper.       :O)
>    The first file (_2B9AA9E04E984BE8858EAD60509F92A7) initially comes up 
> as
> a "UNIX GZip" type file.  This type of file is very similar to a Zip file 
> in
> that it is a type of container for compressed files inside it.  In other
> words, the Zip file you sent me had the weird file inside it.  The weird
> file, in turn, has one of your cards inside it (but the card is named
> "Untitledo").  So, it seems to me that SOMETHING decided to compress all 
> of
> these files and gave them weird names.
>    Before I move onto the 'fix' for this situation, I want to make sure 
> you
> understand what I'm telling you so far.
> Peace,
> GMan
> http://reddit.com
> "The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask!"

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