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    Perhaps you might want to delete the larger files and keep the smaller 
ones until you can determine which cards they are.  Of course, if duplicate 
cards really aren't a big deal to you (they probably wouldn't be to me, but 
it's a highly personal decision), go ahead and delete the folder if you 
wish.  Of course, that would mean the end to this fun you've been having. 

    I should point out to everyone else that Sandi has sent a few of these 
files to me so I could try to figure out what they are.  Each file has a 
long name that is nothing more than a bunch of seemingly random numbers. 
After opening up one of them with an older version of QuickView Plus, I 
discovered that they were UNIX GZip compressed files (similar to .zip, .rar, 
etc.) that contained other files.  So, by adding a .gz extension to each 
file, I could then use WinZip to extract the contents.  Unfortunately, the 
contents of each of the smaller ones had been renamed to "Untitledo" without 
any hint of an identifying extension.  I then opened those up in QuickView 
Plus and found the junk that I sent in an earlier reply in this thread. 
Because of the descriptive words inside, we both presume that these are 
greeting cards she made with the now non-working card maker program.  Since 
the app no longer works, there's no way for her to open these files to 
verify which cards they are.

    Now, here comes the fun part.  I took this same approach with two of the 
larger files and ended up with a single large file full of gibberish.  It's 
the same kind of gibberish I find when I peek inside of most non-text files 
that are not meant to be viewed like this.  There is no way for me to figure 
out what they are if the filetype cannot be determined, so I replied to her 
privately to tell her the bad news.  Well, she replied back to tell me that 
SHE was able to extract the contents into 4 separate & complete files that 
were easily opened and viewed the way they were meant to be viewed.  So, 
either this means that I shouldn't try to do these experiments when I'm past 
my bedtime OR Sandi has now proven herself to be a true Power User.  Since I 
was not at all tired at the time I tested these,
                                    `````` All Hail Sandi!!! ``````

"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask!"

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>I don't know about the greeting cards as I cannot get specifics in order to
> identify them.  They are, however, of little importance in the overall
> picture.  If someone gets sent the same card I sent last year, at least 
> they
> were remembered!
> All of the larger files contain the same four things even though they show
> to be different sizes.  And, yes, they are duplicates of the original 
> files.
> Sandi 

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