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I have never had that one on my system.  I first downloaded it years ago 
(well before I lost my internet connection over 4 years ago), but it was 
already up to version 1.3.  I've since had 1.4 and now have the installation 
file for 1.52.  It could be that the version you have is so outdated that 
it's no longer supported.

Try downloading the latest and see how it does.



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>I was stunned to find when I went to help and about.  It shows I am running
> Spybot--Search and Destroy l.2  and under that it says No detection 
> updates
> installed.  I looked at the logs and it appears that updates have been
> installed. I tried updating once more just now and it said no newer 
> updates
> available.
> Sandi 

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