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    When you installed the driver for your video card, did it include any 
utilities?  These are sometimes installed right along with the driver, so 
their presence isn't necessarily known during the install.  You can usually 
find out by looking at the last tabs in the Display Properties > Settings 
tab > Advanced button property sheet.  I also can get to mine by clicking on 
a line it added to my desktop's right click context menu.  If yours has 
something like this, there should be a control like the one you're wishing 
was included on the monitor itself.

    Still, an LCD monitor should not ever experience tracking problems.  My 
advice would be to download a new copy of the latest video driver, uninstall 
the existing driver, reboot (very important) and try installing it again.


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>I have a Dell 1703P Flat Panel Monitor.
> After a clean install of everything includeing the Dell driver for the 
> monitor, the picture being displayed on the monitor is slightly larger 
> than the screen.  I can tell this because a little bit of the bottom of 
> the taskbar is not visible.
> When I activate the monitor OSD Menu there is no option for adjusting size 
> and the position option is not available.
> The optimum resolution for the monitor is 1280x1024 @60Hz.  I have tried 
> setting it to 1024x768 @60Hz but that does not help.
> Anybody got any ideas on how to get the rest of the taskbar visible... in 
> other words, how do I change size and position?
> Note:  The missing part is small and does not make the bottom line of the 
> taskbar unuseable.  It is just an annoyance compounded by the monitor 
> driver not allowing me to change size and position.
> Don 

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