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Hi Judith,
Yes you have correct.
The RCMP is our National police force.
Some provinces/cities/towns us the RCMP as their police force also.

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Mike the mod
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On 10/1/2005 at 1:18 PM Judith wrote:

RCMP stand for Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Canada's name for 
something like our FBI (or at least I think it is).  It goes 
across their whole country.  Each province probably has their 
own police but the RCMP can cross those provinces just like our 
FBI can when crimes involve crossing state lines.

And if they have SPAM from people who want you to invest in 
fraudulent things -- the mail should be reported to them.  If I 
have this wrong -- somebody from Canada will correct me I AM 
sure (smile).

Sharing is the key to all our $uccess!

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ummmm HOW can I ignore sompin I don't what it is? This still 
doesn't explain

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