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  • From: DH Holmes <hayvan2@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pctechtalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2005 10:16:00 +1200

Don, With respect, I must take issue with you when you say that what I 
call spam is not so.  My dictionary defines spam as unwanted email or 
canned meat, predominantly pork.

The burdenful mail that I call spam mainly consists of requests to 
assist in the transfer of, usually, millions of dollars or pounds, with 
5-10% or more coming to me for helping.  Another ploy is to tell me my 
email address has won a lottery etc, etc.

I have not asked for this, and I believe it is the marketing of email 
addresses that has initiated this influx of mail - anything from 10 to 
30 postings a week. More in fact, because my ISP filters a lot of them 

This is all spam, most people, including me, believe. And these do 
provide email addresses for one to respond to. These are the ones I want 
to eliminate - nothing to do with virii, viagra, or anything else. Money 
and/or lottery wins.  They are a PITA, and if it annoys the perpetrator 
to bounce them, good job.  I still have my old email address aliased to 
the new, but, any time now that will change, and all those postings will 
be bounced anyway, won't they.

May I, again with respect, suggest you review your definition of'spam' 
Don. Yours is frightfully and unrealistically narrow, by being 
restricted to viruses breeders.


Rick H

Don wrote:
> Please show me a SPAM that wants you to REPLY to the spam.  You don't REALLY 
> think that a spammer would make it that easy do you?  Spammers and viruses 
> do not want you to reply to the message... they want you to click on a link 
> IN the message.
> 99.99999999999999% of the time a bounced SPAM will not return to the actual 
> sender.
> Please note, that a lot of what you probably call SPAM is not, by 
> definition, spam.  That is because you asked to receive it as part of the 
> terms for registering at a website or subscribing to a service.  E-mail that 
> comes to you because asked for it, may indeed get bounced back to the actual 
> sender.
> Don
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