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Thank you so much for your reply! I have had unexpected company all day and 
just got online, so this is a welcome answer and just what I wanted to hear.

As to Open Office, I have heard good things about it on this list and might 
have used it, but since I already paid my money for the MS Office 97, if it 
will work, then I am one happy camper! The friends/relatives I need to help 
are using the MS version so I think that will work better for all of us.

I am just helping out a couple of friends/relatives who need to do some 
basic chores using PowerPoint and Excel. So I need to be able to see what I 
am doing on this PC. I don't like working on other people's computers if I 
can possible get out of it. If I mess mine up, I don't have to answer to 
anyone else about it! My DH wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole unless 
I'm there to help guide him. And that's usually just buying sporting 
goods,etc. for the grandsons! I like being the only one on my computer, LOL

Again, thank you for your reply,


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Office 97 runs just fine on an xp system - there is also an Open Office 
option available to you for free and that works as good or better than 
M$Office works with M$ files just fine and with out the security 
violations - however to be honest I still run M$.
Sammi <sammi@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  I am running XP Home SP2. Word 2002 came 
on this computer. I now find I have
reasons to use Excel, Power Point etc. These programs don't come with the
computers I am pretty sure.

For my old pc - W98, I purchased Microsoft Office 97 and I also have the
Office 97 SR2 Patch it came out with later.

My question is: since I am running XP, can I install the programs from
Office 97 that I need? NOT Word 97 obviously since Word 2002 SP3 is already
on the new computer. I am thinking that there must be a custom install that
will let me install only the parts I need. I am afraid of a conflict of OS

I could just go ahead and install those parts AFTER I set a restore point,
just in case, LOL. But first I'd like to see what problems I might run into.

Has any one here had any good/bad experiences doing this? Any advice is
appreciated. BTW, I did check at eBay for a newer version of Office...but
they were way too proud of the ones listed! I cannot afford the prices they
are asking and getting.


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