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Well, I just started working on populating a newly installed OS with 
absolutely zero .NET components installed.  Before I had a chance to get to 
the part where I install 1.1 & 2.0, I was offered this huge 3.5 update. 
Apparently, they are not trying to make sure we all have the latest for our 
safety.  Instead, they they appear to want to make sure that everyone has 
ALL of the technology installed, even if they don't use it.  To be perfectly 
frank, that scares me.  I unchecked it and moved on without another thought 
other than making sure I let you folks know of this discovery.


"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask"

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>I think you have to choose the Custom option instead of Express in order to
> uncheck a critical update.
> I think I might be right that they are offering the v3.5 update for v2,
> v3.0, and/or v3.5 because I just ran it on my sisters' PC which only had
> v2.0 installed and it wanted the huge v3.5 update.  I did run the update
> with no problems and it didn't take too long, but I have a 25 - 30 mbps
> connection.  Unfortunately I forgot to look and see if she now has v3.0 
> and
> v3.5.  I can't check now because I returned her PC this afternoon.  My 
> bad.
> Ed 

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