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Hello G,

Coincidence... I just received Win XP Pro 64X cd!  Like you I´ve been 
running WinXP Pro 32-bit on an Athlon XP 64 dual-core.  I won´t be upgrading 
to the 64-bit OS right away, first I am checking all drivers.  But at least 
I have the CD and can install whenever I want.  My computer is flying 
beautifully on the 32-bit OS, but I would be very frustrated not knowing 
what it could have achieved with the 64-bit... :o))


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Hi Lil,
    This is good advice, especially the part about buying XP before they're
removed at the end of the month.

    However, a 64-bit processor does not force you to run a 64-bit operating
system, as some have erroneously reported in the past.  It just provides you
that option, which you would not have with a 32-bit CPU.  I'm running WinXP
Pro 32-bit on my AthlonXP 64 dual-core and it actually runs a bit better
than it would on a 32-bit CPU.  On the other hand, installing a 64-bit OS
would allow any 64-bit CPU system to really strut its stuff, as long as you
know you can find drivers for everything else you have attached to the
system (this issue has been improving steadily, but still has a way to go
before I can stop mentioning it).            :O)


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