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  • Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 21:18:58 -0400

    It sounds like IE is still trying to load up an AOL toolbar or is using 
this Welcome.html file as his Home page.

    From within IE, go to Tools > Internet Options and see if this is the 
link that's showing for his Home page on the General tab.  If it is, set it 
to http://www.google.com or something else that he would get some better use 
from.  If the Home page is not related to AOL, go to the Programs tab and 
click on the Manage Add-Ons button and see if there's anything AOL related 
listed in there.  Don't just disable whatever you find though.  You're 
looking for something that was specifically tied to his old AOL internet 
access account and not just an AOL toolbar that even non-AOL subscribers can 
use.  You might also come across one links to AOL's instant messenger 
program AOL-IM or AIM.  Again, this would not be the cause of such an error 
and should not be disabled.

    If you aren't sure about something come back and ask about it before 
making changes.      :O)


"The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked"

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> Hello all,
> One of my seniors couldn't get past the following message:  cannot find
> 'file:///C:/Program%20files/AOL%Toolbar/welcome.html'.  Make sure the path
> or Internet address is correct.
> He just got a new computer with Vista & he uses a dialup.  I took him off 
> of
> AOL & switched him to EarthLink.  I thought I uninstalled as much of AOL 
> as
> I could find.  This error comes up every time Internet Explorer is
> used...not matter whether it is using my cable or the owners dialup.
> Hoping you can tell me how to solve this problem so he can have his 
> computer
> back in a usable fashion.
> Thanks so much,
> Jan 

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