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    I use an extension called NoSquint, which is designed to automatically 
increase the font size of all web pages to your specs.  In addition, it also 
allows you to hold down the CTRL key and use your mouse wheel to increase or 
decrease it as needed.  It gives the option to remember each site's settings 
if you prefer some different then the others.  All in all, it's made my 
surfing so much easier, especially considering how much research & reading I 
do on this beast.

    Extensions are very small downloads that fundamentally change the way 
you interact with the browser.  Most of them have their own options menu so 
that you can customize them to your liking and there are plenty of Firefox 
users who can help you choose which ones are right for your needs.  When I 
first installed it, our very own Cowboy came to my rescue and recommended a 
bunch that he really liked.  I probably still use most of his suggestions to 
this day (it's been a while, so my memory is suspect on which ones they 
were), although I've also added some of my own by reading through the 
descriptions of what's available.


"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask!"

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> Hi G,
> I have vision problems.  Is there a way to enlarge the font with that
> browser.?
> Christine 

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