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See below

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> Don,
>    Background Info:  MSCONFIG has no way to verify the location of 
> anything
> it shows in the Startup tab.  It is only reporting the items that it is
> "supposed" to run on bootup.  If you were to move one of the exe files it 
> is
> showing, it can still show up as a supposedly fully functioning member of
> this group of startup items.  However, if you move/remove the startup into
> itself, it will affect the way that entry is shown within the Startup tab.
> Seeing a listing without any worthwhile info obviously hints hard that 
> there
> is a problem with that entry.

msconfig reports what (and where) it has been told should load at startup. 
This is obviously not a complete list of everything that starts at startup 
and equally obvious it does not mean that everything listed will actually 
start.  Do I have that right?


>    And now onto what Autoruns is showing.  Focusing solely on the lines
> with check boxes, the ones that are of any real interest are the ones that
> claim the file was not found.  I am using this approach because I can see 
> no
> other signs that indicate any issues with the other entries.  For most of
> these, it's because your system doesn't use that functionality.  So, 
> either
> the function they represent has been disabled (intentionally in most 
> cases)
> or the file is actually needed, but not where it's supposed to be or
> nonexistent altogether.  You're only interest here is in any of them that
> are actually needed, but not found.
>    Since there are a number of these "file not found' entries (and I am 
> not
> familiar enough with all of the files to simply rule most of them out), 
> you
> will need to do a bit of research in order to eliminate or verify the 
> status
> of each one.  Since each check box listing belongs to a specific registry
> key, some will be more obvious than others.  For instance, Display Panning
> belongs to the HKLM Approved Desktop Shell Extensions group.  These deal
> primarily with context menu items and never show up within the Startup 
> tab.
> You can, therefore, remove this missing file entry from consideration.  It
> is disabled (Windows never copied over the file it would need) because at
> least part of your graphics subsystem (your card, monitor or both) doesn't
> support the feature.
>    When you have whittled down the list of 'file not found' items as much
> as possible, post what's left and we'll go hunting.     :O)

It will likely take some time for me to do the research and report back. 
Lousy work schedule this week.  Hopefully Sunday.  Maybe as late as Friday.

While you wait I will tell you that if anything is not working correctly I 
have not noticed it or I don't know how it is supposed to work to begin 
with.  If anything is failing to work at all, I don't miss it (yet).

Sonic seems to be working fine.  It has always done everything I asked it to 

It is hard to keep focused on getting the swamp drained when you are up to 
your neck in a herd of hungry alligators.  I don't want to lose track of the 
original question:  What are those two entries in msconfig with no 
information except the registry key location?

> Peace,
> G
> "The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked"
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> Subject: -=PCTechTalk=- Re: Interesting entries in mscofig startup
>> Holy Smokes!!!!
>> Just ran the sysinternals autorun utility.  See autoruns.jpg at
>> http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/PCTechTalk/
>> Note:  The file is LARGE  (over 3MB).
>> Don

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