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    There are a LOT of these kinds of System Info type utilities available. 
From the start of this group, I have avoided asking members to run them 
because they can be extremely intimidating to folks who are not tech 
oriented.  After considering this specific round of questions (and the fact 
that many long-time members are now well past that point of intimidation), I 
may start introducing more of them to the group as needs arise.  However, if 
I ask any of you to run something and it causes you anxiety, please don't 
hesitate to request another approach.  There is almost always more than one 
way to get around an issue.

    Background Info:  MSCONFIG has no way to verify the location of anything 
it shows in the Startup tab.  It is only reporting the items that it is 
"supposed" to run on bootup.  If you were to move one of the exe files it is 
showing, it can still show up as a supposedly fully functioning member of 
this group of startup items.  However, if you move/remove the startup into 
itself, it will affect the way that entry is shown within the Startup tab. 
Seeing a listing without any worthwhile info obviously hints hard that there 
is a problem with that entry.

    And now onto what Autoruns is showing.  Focusing solely on the lines 
with check boxes, the ones that are of any real interest are the ones that 
claim the file was not found.  I am using this approach because I can see no 
other signs that indicate any issues with the other entries.  For most of 
these, it's because your system doesn't use that functionality.  So, either 
the function they represent has been disabled (intentionally in most cases) 
or the file is actually needed, but not where it's supposed to be or 
nonexistent altogether.  You're only interest here is in any of them that 
are actually needed, but not found.

    Since there are a number of these "file not found' entries (and I am not 
familiar enough with all of the files to simply rule most of them out), you 
will need to do a bit of research in order to eliminate or verify the status 
of each one.  Since each check box listing belongs to a specific registry 
key, some will be more obvious than others.  For instance, Display Panning 
belongs to the HKLM Approved Desktop Shell Extensions group.  These deal 
primarily with context menu items and never show up within the Startup tab. 
You can, therefore, remove this missing file entry from consideration.  It 
is disabled (Windows never copied over the file it would need) because at 
least part of your graphics subsystem (your card, monitor or both) doesn't 
support the feature.

    When you have whittled down the list of 'file not found' items as much 
as possible, post what's left and we'll go hunting.     :O)


"The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked"

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> Holy Smokes!!!!
> Just ran the sysinternals autorun utility.  See autoruns.jpg at
> http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/PCTechTalk/
> Note:  The file is LARGE  (over 3MB).
> Don 

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