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Hi Sandy,
    Congrats on the new addition to the family!  Glad to hear you got 
through all that funky weather and it's good to know that you and hubby 
aren't skeeered of a little tech work, either.    lol

    I used to run a stat group (I was a high level mod, but the owner was 
mostly absent), but I've been out of that scene since 2001.  The good news 
is that you CAN just copy over your stationery to the new system.  What's 
yet to be discovered is how well XP will render the stats once they're 
there.  You'll want to try setting up an experiment with a friend to send 
them a couple and see how it looks on their end.  I suspect all will be 
fine, but my suspect is sometimes suspect.      lol

    The external 120 has me confused, though.  Any operating system using 
NTFS (yes, you got it right) should have no problem seeing and using a drive 
formatted with FAT32, so I suspect something else is going on.  Please try 
your format again and then tell me the exact wording of the error message 
you receive.  As long as the drive is in decent shape, I'm sure there's an 
easy fix for what's ailing it.


"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask"

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> oh man, my poor ole pc with Me on it went to pc heaven late last week at 
> the same time we were dealing with tropical storm fay.............make a 
> long story short we went to comp usa and ended up getting an xp machine 
> that is a professional model..................doesn't have a lot of 
> programs, not even an office program installed on it............so it's my 
> first time having a machine that didn't have a bunch of crap on it.
> and it has suprised the heck out of me and hubby but the saleman also sold 
> us a harddrive enclosure so we could remove old harddives from ole Me 
> machine and transfer files over.  I really thought I was gonna need my 
> geekette, but i'll be danged if I didn't start figuring out how to take 
> out my C drive and hubby is a mechanic anyway so he figured out the rest 
> and we even figured out how to put them into the enclosure and i've been 
> transferring files!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo..................a big first for us, 
> lololol.  I told him we sure couldn't do anymore damage to the old pc 
> seeing as how it was dead anyway, lol.
> now to get to my actual question <g> Can I take stationery that was 
> installed in the windows shared folder on old pc and just do a drag/drop 
> "wherever" the heck it goes on this xp mahcine?  I didn't know if just 
> copy/paste, or drag and drop would make stationery that had been installed 
> work.  I sure hope so cause i have just a couple in there that I made. 
> and where on an xp machine does it go.
> can i say how much i looooooooooooooooove this new computer :-))))))) 
> it's so quiet i barely know it's running and i'm fumbing my way around xp, 
> but i have a ton of stuff to discover and figure out still.
> got all my old email folders and favorites.................whew!
> also i attached my 120gig external thinking it would probably work when i 
> couldn't get it to work on the Me machine, but it wouldn't let me put 
> files on it or take off or delete, so I decided to just format it, but got 
> the error that it is FAT32 and my machine is NTFS (i think that's 
> it)................so it this something where you have to go into the BIOS 
> to fix up or how do i make this external useable with my new machine.
> if you need any specifics about pc let me know.
> Sandy in Florida 

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