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Geez!  That'll learn ya, huh?      ;)

I tried riggamaroll once.  Didn't care much for the aftertaste.


"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask"

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>I just went thru all the riggamaroll (??) lol to uninstall acrobat reader
> 9.0 and went and got foxit (which by the way you don't even have to
> install......just click the .exe and you're in business) and then 
> remembered
> the whole reason I HAD to get acrobat reader in the first place, so when 
> my
> own PDF Complete (which came with pc) nor Foxit would work, I ended up
> reinstalling acrobat 9.0 again....................geeze!!!!!  My husband's
> workplace has their own website where you have to do a lot of your own 
> human
> resources stuff from and where we view his paycheck stubs, etc. ONLY and i
> mean ONLY will work with acrobat reader installed.  So now all's well in 
> my
> world again.  Gosh I hope I don't go through that again.  They actually
> changed his work's website around a few months ago and it took me forever 
> to
> get those PDF's to open and I didn't realize it HAD to be that specific
> program.  Hopefully I've learned this lesson and won't spend my afternoon
> going thru this aggravatio AGAIN, lolol.
> sandy 

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