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This link might be of interest (it worked for me on an XP system)


Tech Rose - LoveBytes wrote:

>Microsoft Works IS installed on the C:.
>This is what confused the heck out of me.....
>When I did the sytem recovery it automatically installed Works on the C:
>I just checked to be sure....
>Still wondering why it will not do spell checking in OE.
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>Hi, I have win98 and I had word on my D: drive and when I would format and 
>reinstall windows I would have to reinstall word to get the spell checker to 
>work, I now just go ahead and put word on C:. maybe you can reinstall Works 
>7 and get it to work.
>Yours Hank
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>I have Microsoft Works 7.0 on my computer, but I do not have spell checking
>in OE.  The help file says it needs Word.  I do not remember having word
>before and I know I had spell checking.  Shouldn't Works 7 have the spell
>checking for OE?
>help here?

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