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$30 is a nice deal for something that big that's only a couple of years old 
(still just as functional, though).


"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask"

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> Many of you may suspect how I feel about Micro$oft Corporation, its 
> products
> (e.g., quality, stability, expense, and ease of use) and how I feel about
> Corel Corporation (e.g., quality, stability, inexpensiveness and extreme
> easy of use).
> You may remember that, when SoftwareOutlet.com ran Wordperfect X3 Suite 
> for
> $4.99, I stated my opinion that the program was a simply-amazing suite of
> programs, especially for the incredible price.
> However, if you are a "Micro$oftie" who just has to have M$ products, but
> you don't have a lot of green for purchasing the latest and greatest 
> version
> of Office 2003 or 2007, you might consider SofwareOutlet.com is running a
> sale on Microsoft Works Suite 2006 DVD with Word 2002 (full version) and
> Works 8 (with a spreadsheet, spreadsheet and database (as well as a 
> built-in
> wordprocsessor).  Encarta Encyclopedia comes with it..Money 2006 also 
> comes
> with it.  Digital Image Standard 2006, for working on your pix.  Streets 
> and
> Trips Essentials also comes with it for planning trips, etc. for $29.99.
> Regards and "Happy Hunting",
> http://www.robobargains.com/p-7678.html
> Sometimes you really *do* have to "give the devil his due."  ;-) 

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