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    I'm really glad to hear that you now have a 'new' system.  Sometimes, a 
format/reinstall is the absolute only way to go, but I prefer to leave that 
as more of a last resort when answering questions online, since I have no 
way of really knowing how much the person knows about backing up old stuff 
and getting through the process without an internet connection.  Personally, 
I have no problems with doing it on my own systems (got it down to a 
science) and rarely hesitate if I feel something isn't working right, but 
it's not advice I quickly toss around to many others, especially online. 

    Are you still going to play around with Ubuntu to see what it's like?


The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask.

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>I got a little pissed at this Gateway machine yesterday morning.  It seemed
> to be slowing down even more.  So I put my 40 gig hard drive into the 
> older
> computer and did a quick reformat on it.  Put it into the Gateway and
> installed XP on it. Now it works great.  It access it without a problem. 
> and
> the machine runs smoother and faster.  So that fixed the problems now I 
> have
> to keep telling myself to leave this one alone till it get a new one.
> Yeah like that's gonna happen. LOL
> Steve 

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