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Found on the side of the tower a COA for Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0.  
If that helps.
Burned Ubuntu to a cd, but cannot get it load. Keeps opening up to something 
called Disk shredder.

Tried 3 different hard drives in here, It would see them but would not boot to 
them.  1 Would go back to the bios page and then pick which one you want page.  
Other 2 say inset disk into drive A and press any key to continue.  2 of the 3 
disks have XP on them the 3rd is clean.  No OS at all.

That's it for now


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> Steve, 
> The only way to go from a newer OS to an older one would be to wipe the 
> drive (format) and then install Win98SE from CD. The use of RDRAM makes the 
> RAM issue even tougher, but that's not a big deal if you get the system 
> working with a more appropriate OS for that hardware. Just keep in mind 
> that Win98SE is no longer supported by MS. That means we've already 
> received all of the critical updates (security patches) that we're going to 
> get from them. I'll see if I can get some info for you from the chipset ID, 
> but that label doesn't tell me much. We'll see what comes up. 
> Peace, 
> GMan 
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