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The fact that your video card can handle the required resolution is only
part of the equation.  The video cards these days use a lot of processing
power on features that improve the picture quality.  So, if you increase the
resolution, the video card has to process a lot more pixels, which will give
it lower fps (frames per second).  If the fps gets too low then games and
playing video's will look pretty bad.  Also, pretty much the newer your OS,
the more it needs better video processing power.  

Now you can improve you fps lowering or turning off some of the features of
your video card, but if you go too low you will notice everything
(especially video and games) won't look as good and you might have to turn
off some Windows graphics effects (like Aero).


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Thanks much for your reply Don. I have a 22" lcd which is close to your 23" 
and I have never had the problems you mention. I never swivel my head back 
and forth, not sure why you have to do this? I assume to see all of the 
screen, correct? And it is best for your eyes to have the monitor 2 1/2 
times the diagonal of the monitor or so I read, that seems to far......You 
got me thinking maybe 24" would be better, even if I bumped up to 1980x1020 

Now I have another dilemma, my video card is only a NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT.

For a 24" you need a good video card to get the best performance, or so I 
read again...my video card is pretty low end, it will support the resolution

AND I do not game but even the tech guy at the maker of this card said if I 
got a 24" at the higher resolution I would probably want a better card. 

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