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This has been circulating around the internet for a while now.  Yahoo does 
indeed use web beacons as described in their TOS and the instructions to 
block the web beacons are also provided.

What is not made perfectly clear is that a cookie is required on your 
computer to keep them disabled and a different cookie is required for each 
browser that you use.  So if you use FireFox, Mozilla and Internet Explorer 
you will need three different cookies on your computer.  Also, these cookies 
must be protected from such utilities as CleanUp, Ad-a-ware and Spy Bot or 
they will be deleted and you have to go through the blocking process all 
over again.

Now comes the big question....

Is the Yahoo the only website you visit that does this?  Of course not.  But 
have you read all the TOS and privacy policies on all the websites you visit 
to find out for certain?  Of course not... very few people read those 
documents and very few that do understand all the legal gobblety-gook in 

I would suggest that Yahoo, Google, MSNBC, CNN and most other large, 
reputable firms are probably pretty safe with certain data about your 
internet habits and do not connect that data to personally identifiable data 
such as your name and address or account numbers.  For that reason, I simply 
delete all of my cookies and all the other usual stuff  frequently and I 
have disabled external items in html email.  I also sometimes use false 
names and throwaway email addresses.


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