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The brick and mortar stores can not offer more than internet stores without 
charging more for the same product.  It is a vicious circle which will 
ultimately result in customer service levels dropping to the same level as 
online (non-existent, via email or after 2 hours of elevator music and then 
in a foreign language).

As trained and competent sales people disappear from the brick and mortar 
stores, so will their customers.  That is one reason that Circuit City is 
having its problems.  In our area, CC no longer pays on commission.  All 
their trained and competent salespeople went elsewhere since hourly wages 
are no where near what they could earn on commission.

Opinion:  I expect CC to close all or at least most of their brick and 
mortar stores within 3-5 years.  If their stockholders are lucky, their 
internet store will survive.


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>>I agree.  However, the brick and mortar stores have a "problem:" assume
>> they hire competent salespeople who read the manuals and play with the
>> products, attend training classes, etc.  They have to pay these people
>> more
>> than the people who aren't competent.  That means that the prices have to
>> be
>> higher to reflect the seller's higher costs (e.g., commissions).
>> Customers
>> then come into the store, pump the salespeople for information and then
>> purchase from some internet company which has a lower price, free 
>> shipping
>> and no sales tax.
> That may be so, but a) that will force the brick and mortar stores to
> compete by offering something else, and b) if they choose to not spend 
> more
> on competent staff they have to accept to spend more on returns.
> glenn

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