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  • From: "bay.tax" <baytax@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 17:01:58 +1200

Hi Wyatt
In an earlier post you were discussing firewalls and I note that you had
tried quite a few.
I am currently running Tiny (Personal Firewall). It was a little "finicky"
to set up, but once the rules were configured properly, it was fine. I find
it to be very good and have no gripes with it. But it is no longer supported
and I am inclined to consider replacing it with one which is supported
currently. What were your experiences with Kerio. I know it replaced Tiny
(somewhat). How would you rate Kerio against (say) Outpost. I ask because I
have not heard of Outpost before and am interested in your experiences.

My system is win98 on a 500Mhz Intel processor with 128Mb ram. (Very modest
by today's standards but it suits me for the applications I am running (a
number of DOS based programmes along with Windows based apps)

Thanks in advance for your views.

Bay Tax Consultancy
Auckland NZ

P.S. I also run Jammer. This looks after the registry very well and has no
apparent conflicts with Tiny or McAfee AV. Both Jammer and Tiny are very
light on resources.


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