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  • From: betty <nextcent@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 15:09:44 -0500

Well, Don. You certainly brightened a very bad day for me! I'm
still laughing. If I follow your advice, I will be the cleanest and
most relaxed person on the planet!
My computer is up and running pretty much the same as always.
Had no trouble booting up, etc.

But if you read my prior email, Scan Chk discovered that I have
bad hard disk, and recommends immediately backing everything
up and replacing the drive.

Because of the problem I had with Roxio, I really don't want to
attempt that again, and have no idea how to back up my entire
computer! ( I need more than 3 bubble baths; maybe 3 scotches
would do it!

Don wrote:

>The CD drive has a small pin size hole on the front.  The hole is much
>smaller than the earphone plug, so don't worry about confusing them.  Unbend
>a paper clip or use something similar to insert in the hole and apply light
>pressure to eject the disc tray and remove the CD.  This can be done with or
>without the computer turned on.
>Then turn off or unplug the computer.  Let it sit there by itself for as
>long as necessary to allow your frustration to subside and your blood
>pressure to return to normal.  This could take minutes, hours or even days.
>Be patient.  Share some quality time with family/loved ones or soak in a
>nice hot tub with your favorite bubble bath.
>Now that you are relaxed be very realistic when you sit back down to the
>computer.  There will be problems, but you CAN deal with them.  But, even if
>you can't... you can do another bubble bath, so life is not that bad.
>Have you ever poked around in your computer's BIOS setup?  There are several
>default settings there that the BIOS uses to boot up the computer to the
>point it can read the harddrive and load the operating system.  Browse
>through there and see if anything looks different or wrong.  If your
>confidence level is high, make the necessary corrections.  If it is low,
>take notes and exit without saving any changes.
>Once out of Setup, boot to SAFE mode.  This loads the absolute bare minimum
>drivers.  You will have only very basic mouse functions, low resolution
>graphics and basic CD-ROM capabilities.  Play around a bit to see if the
>basic system appears to be working correctly.  Launch a couple of programs
>and close them....wiggle the mouse around... click here and there... etc.
>If you have some empty space on your hard drive make a new folder and try
>copying files to the empty space and then delete them.  If that works OK,
>try to perform the same copy that you tried to make to the CD.. except copy
>to the new folder since the burner driver is not loaded.  You can then
>delete the copied files and the new folder.
>If all that works as "normal" as you think it should, we have made a LOT of
>progress. Reboot to normal.  Drop us a note and let us know the results.
>Then turn off the computer and go enjoy another bubble bath while you await
>our replies.

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