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Hi SuzyQ,
I have no problem with people sharing the information I post.

I only ask the the links to the source be included as often it may not be
something I wrote and the originating source should be credited.

I'm glad you find it useful.  

Good tip on color coding messages.
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On 27/08/2003 at 3:05 PM SuzyQ wrote:

Interesting article, Mike. Thanks! ;-)
May I forward it (removing your address, etc.) to my graphics group at

Since I'm on several groups, I also have set up a filter (in OE) that uses
the color green for any message that has my name in it.  Before doing this
I was missing a lot of chit-chat messages that came in with the graphics,
tubes, etc..  If the subject header and/or body has "Suzy", "SuzyQ", and
also possible misspellings of my name, the message is green & I know I am
to respond to those first.  Also helps to catch 'those' who talk about me
to someone else in the groups.  <grin>

Thanks again!  I don't contribute a lot, but I have learned a lot from this


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  With the rash of virus and infected attachments I'm reprinting this
  which was originally posted to Linda's ~ ABC ~ All 'Bout Computers

  Email Filters and Rules by Mike Baynes


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