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    It would only be a problem for you since Yahoo has issues with bouncing 
memberships.  Not really sure of the consequences since you're still a 
member, even though the addy has been bouncing for quite some time. 
Softhome still works, but it can only be accessed through their webmail by 
going to softhome.net and putting in your name/pass (they eliminated POP 
access unless you 'upgrade' to a for-pay service).

    If you find you're no longer using it, I would change the address at 
YahooGroups to reflect one you can more easily access.  Personally, I no 
longer use any of my 8 softhome addys.  Instead, I created Gmail accounts 
and use those instead.

"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask!"

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>I found the tutorial at Yahoo but it was taking a long time to download (I
> have dial up).  I did notice while I was there that I am signed into Yahoo
> groups as SandiBeach@softhome.  Is that a problem for anyone?
> Sandi 

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