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Rudy,  Hmm... that is interesting.  The c:\Qoobox\ folder is created by
ComboFix, which is a popular utility for removing viruses, but nothing else
you are mentioning sounds too virus related.  Well, of course any file can
get infected, but .log files are rarely infected since they are not
executable.  Is there anything other strange behavior that might make you
think that you might have a virus?  If not, then I'm leaning towards
believing that some other program is conflicting with Malwarebytes, but I
never saw that happen before (besides a virus).  You mentioned problems when
running Malwarebytes and Firefox at the same time, but do any problems
happen when Malwarebytes is not running?  What other anti-virus and
anti-malware programs do you have installed? 


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Ok I ran Malwarebytes scan and the app froze on
C:\system volume information\tracking.log

This is system restore directory, correct? I ran Search Everything app on 
tracking.log and this was also on my other drives, D: and F: as well. Of 
course I couldn't delete them but I have System Restore turned off so I 
turned System restore on and rebooted. I then ran a Malewaresbyte scan and 
the app froze on:

What, if anything does this tell you? Maybe I do have a virus as you 
suggested. Another thing, my system will freeze up if I run a few apps at 
the same time, most notiably Malwarebytes and Firefox for example. But I 
control alt del and under performance my CPU is only at 5% or so. I run XP 
Pro with 4 gig of ram, which XP only see's 3 gig.......thanks!
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> Well first of all, I'm hoping that you abbreviated the path, because it
> should be more like
> "C:\Recycler\S-1-5-21-xxxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyyy-zzzzzzzzzz-uuuu\" where uuuu is
> either 500 for administrator or 1001 or higher for regular user.  This is
> the Recycle Bin, but you would have to empty the recycle bin from the user
> account that the file was deleted from.  Maybe the file was deleted from 
> the
> Administrator account, which you would need to log into the Administrator
> account in order to empty it from the Recycle Bin.  If that fails, then 
> you
> should be able to delete it using HijackThis.  I hope you have some kind 
> of
> Boot DVD with recovery utilities on it handy (like Hiren's).  Sometimes
> getting rid of a virus makes your PC unbootable (especially the hard to
> remove viruses).
> If you still can't delete it, then I would suspect an active virus is to
> blame (probably a rootkit).

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