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To be honest it may not be much faster than typing or not faster at all, but 
all in all for me now after training it takes me about the same time it 
would take to type the same amount words the only difference is I don't have 
to use my hands at all.  I consider it very accurate after being trained but 
that's the key how well it's trained.


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> Hi Neil,
> How fast were you talking on that dictation?  Does it let you talk pretty
> fast once it is trained and is that accurate?
> Christine
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>>    Very true, this message here I'm speaking and do in it all with Dragon
>> NaturallySpeaking, or as I've had some trouble with a few words mostly is
>> got almost all correct.  I really don't think this is for the beginner
>> user
>> but I do think that when a person becomes advanced and computer knowledge
>> this program could come in handy.
>>    I really do think this is the best one that this company has produced
>> so
>> far, I find many things about it very helpful in just about every area. 
>> I
>> hope some of you give it a try, it's really not that bad want you trainee
>> it.
>> Sincerely
>> Neil

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